What do I have to do?

Here are the basics. you must:

  • be able to show you are managing your work risks
  • identify and manage both health risks and safety risks to people in your work place
  • monitor the health of workers and workplace conditions to prevent illness and injury
  • include workers and family in planning to make the farm healthy and safe
  • train and supervise people who work in the business
  • make sure workers and family know how to manage risks
  • keep a record of notifiable events
  • have procedures for dealing with workplace emergencies
  • have safe and healthy facilities for workers
  • make sure machinery and systems are safe for workers to use
  • provide and make sure personal protective equipment is used where appropriate.

Why planning for risk is important

Planning to avoid injury and work-related ill-health makes sense. Too many people rely on instinct rather than planning and as a consequence people get sick or injured, or are impaired or killed. The law compels you to put in place the steps that people should take to keep themselves or their family and workmates healthy and safe.

Planning to manage risk should not concentrate solely on injury. You must plan for the impact work can have on workers’ health, and the impact workers’ health can have on their work.

Engagement, participation and representation

An important part of everyone being safe and healthy is involving them in managing risk. We have included ways of doing this in the guide, as well as a fact sheet at the end of this guide.